Wall Units

Basswood (tilia americana)

A fine straight-grained even-textured wood. Creamy-white color, turning to pale brown on exposure.


Black Cherry (prunus serotina)

A hard straight-grained wood, with fine texture. Heartwood is reddish brown to deep red, with brown flecks and some gum pockets.


Black Walnut (juglans nigra)

A tough wood, with rather coarse texture; usually straight-grained, but can be wavy. Rich dark borwn to purplish black.


Brazilian Mahogany (swietenia macrophylla)

A medium-textured wood with straight-and-even or interlocked grain. heartwood is reddish brown to deep red.


Bubinga (guibourtia demeusei)

Moderately coarse even-textured wood. It can have straight or interlocked and irregular grain. Red-brown in color, with purple veining.


Hard Maple (acer saccharum)

Hard, heavy, stright-grained wood with fine texture. White sapwood, with light reddish-brown heartwood. Sometimes with bird's-eye figure or curly figure.


Purpleheart (peltogyne spp.)

Uniform fine to medium texture. usually stright-grained. Attractive purple color, darkening to rich brown due to oxidation.


Red Oak (quercus rubra)

Straight-grained, with coarse texture and less attractive figure than white oak. Pinkish red in color.


Brazilian Rosewood (dalbergia nigra)

Hard and heavy; medium texture, with straight grain. Highly figured, with brown, violet-brown to black color.

All wood images and text courtesy of: The Complete Manual Of Woodworking, by Albert Jackson, David Day & Simon Jennings. A Borzoi Book, published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Copyright 1989, by William Collins Sons & Co. LTD