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Ken Gotha I am Ken Gotha, Founder and President of Custom Furniture Design & Restoration.

This business developed from my love of woodworking and furniture making as a hobby and quickly turned into a part-time venture in the early 1990’s as friends and relatives discovered my woodworking talents.

  However, my interest started long before as a child helping my Dad and Grandfather, who both had quite the “Yankee Ingenuity” when it came to building cabinetry and other useful items out of otherwise discarded materials, using the most basic hand tools. Those were the lessons that made me appreciate the importance of recycling salvaged materials, a practice I use today when building furniture with that “antique” look.

A degree in Civil Engineering and an extensive background in automotive management has given me the knowledge needed to be successful in business, and understanding my clients when it comes to fulfilling their custom furniture needs.

I have also studied the art of furniture restoration and have applied the common and sometimes similar practices I mastered in automotive restoration and refinishing.

Presently I reside in Agawam, Massachusetts, a small town outside of Springfield. When I’m not making sawdust, I enjoy road cycling with friends, gardening and golf.